Обложка книги The Economic Interpretation of History

The Economic Interpretation of History

ISBN: 141020636X;
Издательство: University Press of the Pacific

Contents include: The Economical Side of History, Legislation on Labour and its Effects, The Cultivation of Land by Owners and Occupiers, The Social Effect of Religious Movements, Diplomacy and Trade, The Character of Early Taxation, Distribution of Wealth in England at Different Epochs, The History of Agricultural Rents in England, Metallic Currencies, Paper Currencies, The Origin and Progress of English Pauperism, Historical Effects of High and Low Prices, Domestic Manufactures, The Guild and Apprentice System, The Rise and Progress of the Colonial Trade, Laissez Faire: Its Origin and History, The History of the Protectionist Movement in England, The Interpretation of Export and Import Tables, The Estate of the Crown, and the Doctrine of Resumption, Public Debts, The Theory of Modern Taxation, The Object and Character of Local Taxation in England, The Policy of Government in Undertaking Service and Supply, and an index. These lectures were delivered in Worcester College Hall,...

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