Обложка книги Real World Adobe Acrobat Pro 6

Real World Adobe Acrobat Pro 6

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ISBN: 0321194403;
Издательство: Peachpit Press

The new print controls controls alone are enough to make you nearly weep with joy--and they're just the tip of the iceberg! Here to help you make sense of all the new features crammed into the latest version of Adobe's workflow enhancement software isReal World Adobe Acrobat Pro 6. This comprehensive volume--thoroughly revised to cover a brand-new version aimed squarely at creative and engineering professionals just like yourself--provides all the background and technical grounding you need to understand when, how, and why to use PDF files in the print production workflow. You'll find a thorough overview of all of Acrobat Pro's new features--including the ability to preflight jobs and soft-proof color, a JavaScript development environment (complete with debugger), and watched folders--as well as loads of time-saving tips and advanced techniques designed especially for working pros like yourself. Along the way you'll learn about Acrobat's role in electronic publishing and prepress...

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