Обложка книги The Future of the History of Economics

The Future of the History of Economics

ISBN: 0822365472;
Издательство: Duke University Press

The age of the contemplative economist-scholar?at home equally in classical languages, economic history, the history of ideas, and mathematical theory?has passed. The history of economics as a subdiscipline has lost touch with the mainstream study of economics. In The Future of the History of Economics, internationally known scholars from ten countries provide a comparative assessment of the subdiscipline. The twenty-six chapters address different national traditions, journals, professional meetings, graduate and undergraduate education, the socialization of new members of the disciplinary community, economic heterodoxy, and connections to other scholarly communities. Contributors. Roger E. Backhouse, Bradley W. Bateman, Mark Blaug, Peter J. Boettke, Anthony Brewer, Derek S. Brown, Jose Luis Cardoso, John B. Davis, Ghislain Deleplace, Sheila C. Dow, Ross Emmett, Evelyn L. Forget, Ted Gayer, Craufurd D. Goodwin, Aiko Ikeo, Albert Jolink, Matthias Klaes, John...