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Roger E. Alcaly, Roger Alcaly

The New Economy: What It Is, How It Happened, and Why It Is Likely to Last

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ISBN: 0374288933
Издательство: Farrar Straus Giroux
How doing business is undergoing a major historic transformation--and why we’ve only begun our productivity upswing America’s economic troubles have had a dramatic impact on how investors view markets and the businesses that drive them. And for now they have overshadowed a profound and ongoing revolution--still taking place after twenty-five years--in the way the economy operates. Just as in past economic revolutions, today’s "new economy" emerged from the combinationof powerful new technologies--in this case, information and communications technologies--and the methods companies adopted in order to use those technologies effectively. The bubble in technology stocks, its collapse, and the recession that followed are part of a larger pattern of dramatic transformation of markets and businesses. And unlike the bureaucratic companies of the past, today’s leading firms are lean, flexible, entrepreneurial, and more productive—and the new...