Обложка книги The Pillars of Economic Understanding: Ideas and Traditions

The Pillars of Economic Understanding: Ideas and Traditions


ISBN: 0472109073;
Издательство: University of Michigan Press

This is a new interpretation of the historical development of our understanding of the workings of the economy. Mark Perlman and Charles R. McCann's important work illuminates the foundations of economic inquiry during the past three hundred years. Writing from the standpoint of the impact of cultural pluralism on economic thinking, their purpose is to show how modern economic thinking is shaped by a small number of cultural legacies that explain both how economic questions are asked but also how they are formulated. This history of economic thought is thus distinguished by the attention that it gives to the philosophical ideas that are, as the authors say, the cultural legacies upon which the structure of economics is built. What are some of these legacies? The authors consider the principal writings of British, French, German, Austrian, and American economists, mainly from the seventeenth century onwards. Underlying these writings are questions posed by Hobbes,...

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