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Jan Luiten Van Zanden, Arthur Van Riel, Ian Cressie

The Strictures of Inheritance: The Dutch Economy in the Nineteenth Century (Princeton Economic History of the Western World)

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ISBN: 0691114382, 9780691114385
Издательство: Princeton University Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 416
A major feat of research and synthesis, this book presents the first comprehensive history of the Dutch economy in the nineteenth century--an important but poorly understood piece of European economic history. Based on a detailed reconstruction of extensive economic data, the authors account for demise of the Dutch economy's golden age. After showing how institutional factors combined to make the Dutch economy a victim of its own success, the book traces its subsequent emergence as a modern industrial economy. Between 1780 and 1914, the Netherlands went through a double transition. Its economy--which, in the words of Adam Smith, was approaching a "stationary state" in the eighteenth century--entered a process of modern economic growth during the middle decades of the nineteenth. At the same time, the country's sociopolitical structure was undergoing radical transformation as the decentralized polity of the republic gave way to a unitary state. As the authors show, the dramatic...