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Martin J. Sklar

The United States As a Developing Country: Studies in U.S. History in the Progressive Era and the 1920's

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ISBN: 0521409225, 9780521409223
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Год издания: 1992
Страниц: 256
The history of the United States is in crucial respects the history of a developing country, not only in its transition from agriculture and commercial colonies to an industrial nation, but in modern times and the foreseeable future as well. These sevenessays are primarily concerned with the U.S. as a developing country in the early twentieth century, undergoing stages of development from competitive capitalism to corporate capitalism, and from industrial to "postindustrial" society. The chapters treat the emergence of corporate capitalism and its implications for domestic affairs and foreign relations, the origins and character of corporate liberalism, and the central role of Woodrow Wilson in these areas. Critical linkages are also drawn among economic, political, and cultural developments in the 1920s, raising a parallel between Henry Adams in the Progressive Era, the "Young Intellectuals" of the Twenties, and the New Left in the Sixties. Martin J. Sklar is Professor...
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