Обложка книги Transition and Development in India

Transition and Development in India


ISBN: 0415934869;
Издательство: Routledge

According to Nehru, the transition from a backward agricultural society to a modern industrial society was the only possible road for India to progress. So for the last few decades, India has been moving away from state intervention in the economy towards a liberalized market economy. Transition and Development in India challenges the current basis of development theories in India, laying the groundwork for an alternative, Marxist approach to transition in India. Cullenberg and Chakrabarti offer a detailed and critical study of the theories of transition in India, including debates on modes of production and subaltern studies. In doing so, they also provide an analysis of Marxist theories of development in general, ending by presenting an entirely new Marxist framework for transition that should apply not just to India, but to all developing nations.