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Francisco J. Romero Salvado, Francisco J. Romero Salvado

Twentieth-Century Spain: Politics and Society in Spain 1898-1998 (European History in Perspective)

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ISBN: 0312216297
Издательство: Palgrave MacMillan
Today, Spain is a modern society with an important profile in the European Union. This image contrasts strikingly with the reality of Spain one hundred years ago. After losing almost all her overseas empire in 1898, Spain faced the new century handicapped by international isolation, a backward economy, and a stagnant and elitist political system. This book tells the gripping story of Spain's long and often painful struggle towards modernity. During this period, the country has seen two monarchies, one republic, two dictatorships and one of the bloodiest civil wars in Europe's recent history. The author provides a comprehensive, thorough and detailed analysis of Spain's political, social and economic evolution throughout this century, examining the crisis and collapse of clientelist politics and the attempts at reform during the inter-war years through military dictatorship and progressive republic; the Nationalist victory and Franco's authoritarian rule; the dismantlement of the...