Обложка книги Silent Depression: The Fate of the American Dream

Silent Depression: The Fate of the American Dream

ISBN: 0393312828; 9780393312829;
Издательство: W. W. Norton & Company
Страниц: 320

Peterson, economist and author of Transfer Spending, Taxes, and the American Welfare State , posits that America has been in the bitter grasp of an unrelenting, silent "depression" since 1973. This economic metamorphosis, a "serious and long-lasting deterioration in the basic economic fortunes for large numbers of American families," triggered pronounced increases in poverty and deindustrialization and a sustained erosion of the American dream. Peterson's observations on the loss of manufacturing jobs, poverty, education, the infrastructure and the emergence of ever greater economic inequalities are perceptive. "Far-reaching changes in the structure of the economy--changes that are both a cause and a consequence of the silent depression--have sharpened the difference between classes in America." This exemplary study is a significant contribution to economics.

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