Обложка книги A Brief History of Economic Genius

A Brief History of Economic Genius

ISBN: 1587991896;
Издательство: Texere
Страниц: 328

Strathern brings the reader along in a lively, breezy and elegant manner, through Adam Smith and Hume; the French Optimists and British Pessimists: Saint-Simon and Owen; Marx and Hegel; Pareto; Veblen; Schumpeter, Keynes, John Nash and finally fullcircleback to von Neumann. Strathern uncovers the genuine progression of the development of mathematics and economic theory, from double-entry booking keeping to the discovery of standard deviation and the various applications of probability theory. These brilliant economists and mathematicians often were aware of each other, had met each other or read each others work thereby influencing and building upon one anothers conclusions. Strathern manages his broad swath of historical information and condenses it into a very usable, readable and informative format.

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