Обложка книги 50 Secrets of Becoming a Millionaire

50 Secrets of Becoming a Millionaire

ISBN: 0970971931;
Издательство: 50 Secrets

How self-made millionaires made it. Fifty ways that successful people supercharge their performance. We all strive to be successful but only a few achieve real prosperity. 50 Secrets of Becoming a Millionaire attempts to answer a question that most of us have asked at one time or another? How do wealthy individuals lift themselves up from the mass of wage-earning humanity to become so rich and powerful? And, once that question is asked, it always suggests a second question? If I knew the success secrets of millionaires, would those secrets work for me? This book is the result of an detailed study of self-made millionaires past and present. Only those who started with little and created much were examined?no lottery winners or heirs to family fortunes. Each chapter has inspiring stories from the lives of successful men and women?stories that explain and entertain. This is a manual. Like any "manual," it is designed to be read, re-read, and referred...