Обложка книги Automotive Giants of America

Automotive Giants of America


ISBN: 0766161773;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing

1926. Sketches of the men who are making our motor industry. Curiously, although our automobile industry was young at the time of this work, its leaders were not young men. The average age of the twenty foremost was a shade under fifty-five. Only three of them were in their forties. Every one of the following twenty men was self-made, most only had moderate schooling and nine had some college training: Harry H. Bassett; Roy D. Chapin; Walter P. Chrysler; William C. Durant; Albert R. Erskine; Harvey S. Firestone; Henry Ford; Charles D. Hastings; Frederick J. Haynes; John Hertz; Edward S. Jordan; Charles F. Ketterling; Alvan Macauley; Charles S. Mott; Charles W. Nash; R.E. Olds; Alfred P. Sloan; H.H. Timken; Walter C. White; John N. Willys.