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Bernard Rapoport

Being Rapoport : Capitalist with a Conscience (Focus on American History Series,Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin)

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ISBN: 0292771177
Издательство: University of Texas Press
Bernard Rapoport has lived the American Dream. Born to Russian Jewish immigrant parents in San Antonio, Texas, in 1917, he grew up in poverty and worked his way through the University of Texas during the Great Depression. In 1951, he founded the AmericanIncome Life Insurance Company, which he developed into a multi-million dollar business. Using his wealth to support a host of local, national, and international organizations, Rapoport was named by Fortune magazine as one of America's forty most generousphilanthropists, unstinting in his support for education, social justice, and liberal political causes. In this memoir, Rapoport recalls a life of hard work and a philosophy of giving that made him a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He explains how his early experiences of poverty and his youthful acquaintance with Marxists and New Deal economists shaped him into a capitalist with a conscience. Rapoport goes on to describe his liberal activism as a supporter of Democrats...
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