Обложка книги By-Pass


ISBN: 0595137490;
Издательство: Authors Choice Press

In many ways Tony Foster’s life has never been ordinary. He was an adventurer, an entrepreneur, and a wheeler-dealer who risked much to achieve his idea of success. He flew patched-up agricultural aircraft a few feet above croplands throughout the world, sometimes in dictatorships where life was cheap and death came easy. He put together a global multi-million dollar business deal whose only pay-off was a prison term. But in other ways his life was not uncommon. He lived on too many coffees, toomany cigarettes, too much stress, too much rushing to keep from falling behind. But as the tentacles of business, the legal and penal systems wrapped themselves around him and began to squeeze, his own system revolted. In his early-forties he suffered two heart attacks. BY-PASS is told with humor and a typically energetic enthusiasm about a compelling episode in a fascinating life. But more importantly it is a constructive story of hope and survival for anyone who has been touched by...