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Evan Boberg

Common Sense Not Required: Idiots Designing Cars + Hybrid Vehicles: My Career with Chrysler

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ISBN: 1414040776
Издательство: Authorhouse
Author Reveals Experience Working at Chrysler Corporation in Collection of Short Stories Author Evan Boberg dispels the myths surrounding the automobile industry and the employees who work there. "With very few exceptions, books about the automobile industry are written by members of the press and by high level executives. The car companies hide the problems and embarrassments from the press and the executives are self-aggrandizing. Though these stories are most often very interesting, they donot tell the whole truth. As a low-level engineer, I was a true insider," says Boberg. In Common Sense Not Required, Boberg uses humor to expose some of the less intelligent moves made behind the walls of Chrysler. He sets up several "Common Sense Principles" and illustrates with anecdotes from his 12 years at the corporation how these principles were ignored, resulting in increased costs to the corporation. Common Sense Not Required blends autobiography with a light-hearted...