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Gordon S. Riess

Confessions of a Corporate Centurion : Tales of International Adventures

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ISBN: 1585002054
Издательство: Authorhouse
A highly entertaining collection of true stories of the amusing, fascinating, and unusual adventures and escapades of the author and his wife while living and working around the world for 30 years. The stories unfold in many different countries and involve characters of very diverse cultures, customs, and practices. The author tells of his dealings with Italian Mafia dons, Persian assassins, French Bigamists, German counterfeiters, Japanese unions, Vatican officials, and other colorful and shady individuals. The delightful tales illustrate the joys and frustrations of living overseas, and the unique complications of doing business in exotic environments. While the book is very enjoyable and easy reading, it is instructive and educational as well. The stories involve real human problems, ethical dilemmas, and actual business situations. The book will be appreciated by anyone interested in foreign travel and cultures, or simply adventure stories.
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