Обложка книги Dead Wrong: A Memoir

Dead Wrong: A Memoir

ISBN: 059509029X;
Издательство: Writers Club Press

This memoir tells the story of my brief marriage to a commercial fisherman. I quit my job as an attorney and joined him in his endeavors as a commercial albacore and salmon fisherman. The story involves the intricacies of commercial fishing on the Pacific Ocean and just how fragile a business it is. One mistake can sink the boat and that is precisely what happened to us a short six months after our marriage. We had no insurance and lost everything in a freak storm. That stroke of fate proved determinative of the rest of the relationship. Several newspaper articles covered the tragedy. The book mentions the numerous pelagic avian and mammalian species we viewed and photographed while on the ocean and there’s a naturalists pleasure in it. It is also a story of struggle and survival to make ends meet in a deeply difficult industry. The Captain of the Brandy Lee, our beloved boat, was a world-class storyteller, con artist, and wife beater. It is a tale of profound happiness and...