Обложка книги Defining Moments: A Brand New Day

Defining Moments: A Brand New Day


ISBN: 0595749518;
Издательство: Writer's Showcase Press

This book will change your life, change your perspective of career and bring reality to your life's purpose. This is a true story of how Bob Root and Wendy Steele met at an executive team building session in the mountains outside Santa Fe, New Mexico.It chronicles the defining moments of two people who made life changing decisions to embrace multiple fears and obstacles and use them to dream bigger and seek a more fulfilling simpler life. It is a story of a meeting so profound that they left their high-powered corporate careers, Bob as a high tech CEO from Silicon Valley and Wendy as a VP of Coca-Cola, to be together and build a new life. It is a story about checking out of the go-go fast paced life of highflying executives and checking back into life. It is a story of true love, the defining moments that brought them together and a new simpler life of love, balance and being on purpose. It is a fast read for those with fast lives. The message will slow you down and help you learn...

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