Обложка книги The 100 Best Adobe Acrobat 6 Tips and Tricks

The 100 Best Adobe Acrobat 6 Tips and Tricks

ISBN: 0321223926;
Издательство: Adobe Press

With its staggering array of supported formats and features (including enhanced review capabilities; a new, task-based interface; and improved security), Adobe?s Acrobat workflow enhancement software offers something for just about everyone?which means that finding out how to do just one specific task with it can be somewhat daunting. In these pages, veteran author Donna Baker solves that problem by presenting each Acrobat task as a stand-alone unit: If, for example, you wanted to find out how to search for a word or a phrase, you could do just that, as well as pick up a couple of tips about refining your searches and a hint about drilling down to desired folders. In other words, you learn Acrobat your way. Organized in three major sections?Input, Output, and, Internal Acrobat Processes (indexing, comments and review processes, adding links, and so on)?this volume represents the quickest way for corporate workers, home users, and entry-level creative...

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