Обложка книги The Bryce 5 Handbook (Graphic Series)

The Bryce 5 Handbook (Graphic Series)

ISBN: 1584502177;
Издательство: Charles River Media

Populate barren landscapes with far out vegetation; add clouds, sky, fog, or haze to your world; and learn how to animate environments ? these are just some of the creative possibilities you can explore with Bryce 5. Bryce 5 has evolved into a powerful 3D tool that combines power and ease of use and provides beginning to advanced users with a plethora of creative options. Using the guidance and tutorials found in the Bryce 5 Handbook, you can master the interface and new tools of Bryce, and takeyour 3D skills to the next level of mastery. You?ll find helpful insights projects, and practice with a variety of topics and tools, including Primitives, Trees, Metaballs, Booleans, Terrain Models and Objects, the Materials Lab, The Deep Texture Editor, Atmospherics, Lights, Animation, and more. With the hands-on tutorials provided in The Bryce 5 Handbook, you?ll increase your 3D skills and learn how to reproduce the awesome power and reality of nature. HIGHLIGHTS *...

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