Обложка книги From Communism to Capitalism : A Tale of Three Cities

From Communism to Capitalism : A Tale of Three Cities

ISBN: 0759608490;
Издательство: Authorhouse

The author tells, in a personal, down-to-earth, and amusing fashion, of the joys and challenges involved in assisting individuals and institutions in the former Communist countries make the difficult transition from their rigid, centrally-planned systemsto the highly competitive free market environment. He describes, in a pithy and insightful manner, the societies and business conditions in the Eastern European countries where he lived and worked. The book is highly entertaining and enjoyable, as well as educational and informative. It is by no means a heavy economic or political tome. Readers will appreciate the author's unorthodox and ingenious approaches to overcoming difficulties and his vivid descriptions of coping successfully with primitive living conditions and seemingly insoluble professional obstacles. It is fascinating to learn of his imaginative and unusual solutions to apparently impossible situations.