Обложка книги In My Father's Generation

In My Father's Generation

ISBN: 1583483241;
Издательство: iUniverse

In My Father's Generation is the story of the American South, struggling to rebuild and reinvent itself between the Civil War and World War I. It is also the story of John Warren, Corey Strokes, and their families-one black, one white-and the roles they play in the building of the southern timber industry and in breaking the racial barriers of the past. It tells the reader of the loves and losses they share and the fighting spirit that empowers them to prevail in life. As you come to know JohnWarren and Corey Stokes, their journey through life will inspire you . Begin now to live In My Father's Generation . "A powerful book on powerful themes, with an authentic modern, Southern voice." Rob Meltzler, MetroWest Daily News, Boston