Обложка книги Insisting On the Impossible : The Life of Edwin Land

Insisting On the Impossible : The Life of Edwin Land

ISBN: 0738201901;
Издательство: Perseus Publishing

"Fascinating revelations....Well worth reading for its insights into the process of innovation." -Business Week In this masterful biography of the Magellan of modern technology, Victor McElheny portrays a great inventor and entrepreneur in action. Second only to Edison in the number of patents he received (535), Land not only invented instant photography but he built a gigantic enterprise that turned out polarizers, high-speed and x-ray film, identification systems, 3D and instant movies, and military devices for aerial reconnaissance. He developed a new theory of color vision and, during the Cold War, spearheaded the development of the U2 spy plane. McElheny's insights into Land's innovative genius will speak to anyone interested in business, science, photography, or government. "This insightful, meticulously researched and exquisitely written book transcends simple portraiture.…A must-read for practicing and would-be capitalists."-New Scientist "A fascinating...