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Israel Kirzner

Ludwig Von Mises: The Man and His Economics (Library of Modern Thinkers)

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ISBN: 1882926617
Издательство: ISI Books
The work of Ludwig von Mises exercised enormous influence upon the thought of libertarians, classical liberals, anticommunists, and even traditionalist conservatives during the postwar years. But, as Israel Kirzner shows in the second installment in our Library of Modern Thinkers series, Mises? dedication was always first and foremost to discovering truths?and destroying falsehoods?within the science of economics. In this thorough yet concise introduction to Mises? life, economics, and influence, Kirzner (a former student of Mises and an influential free-market economist himself) traces the key elements of Mises? life, explains his core contributions to economic theory, and assesses his impact on twentieth-century economics and political thought.
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