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Floyd H. Nuttall

Memoirs in a Country Churchyard: A Tobaccoman's Plea : Clean Up Tobacco Row!

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ISBN: 1556181590
Издательство: Brunswick Publishing Corporation
This is the story of the life, love, and heartaches of a tobaccoman. It also chronicles the changes in the cigarette manufacturing process from the mid-thirties to the mid-seventies. An expert in blending and flavoring tobacco, Mr. Nuttall reveals some of the actual causes behind the controversy now surrounding the issue of tobacco-the South's greatest industry. The author does not intend this to be a cold-blooded indictment of any particular manufacturer of cigarettes, nor does he expect his words to substantially injure the tobacco industry. Actually, he takes a gentle approach in offering suggestions and advice. His desire is to promote a safer cigarette and one which is not as offensive to non-smokers. Mr. Nuttall advocates an immediate reversal of the practice in cigarette manufacturing of adding reconstituted tobacco to the blends as a substitute for high-grade leaf. The author believes this to be imperative, and possible.
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