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Thomas Maier

Newhouse: All the Glitter, Power, & Glory of America's Richest Media Empire & the Secretive Man Behind It

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ISBN: 1-55566-191-2
Издательство: Johnson Books
Страниц: 464
With a supporting cast of well-known literary names around him, Newhouse is the king of New York's cultural world today - as owner of Random House, the nation's largest book publishing empire; publisher of such influential magazines as "The New Yorker," "Vanity Fair," "Vogue," and "Wired" and by controlling dozens of other newspapers, magazines, and cable television franchises in the United States and around the world. Author Thomas Maier examines the rags-to-riches saga of the Newhouse family and how they built a privately-held empire estimated at $13 billion. He tells the personal story of how "Si" Newhouse emerged from the shadow of his demanding father to expand the family fortune further than anyone ever imagined, with his mercurial "off-with-their-heads" management style. This unauthorized investigative biography explores Newhouse's reliance on his long-time friend Roy Cohn, a lawyer for the Mafia and a confidant to top politicians, and how the family managed...
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