Обложка книги Patent Piracy

Patent Piracy

ISBN: 1585010464;
Издательство: Sterlinghouse Publisher

Harry Arzouman is living the American dream, growing wealthy thanks to his inventions and patents. When a group of Swiss bankers decide to shanghai Harry's valuable patents, they turn for help to the most ruthless law firm in the United States and its most ruthless lawyer. Over the course of a grueling 10-year legal battle for his own inventions, Harry must draw on the survival skills he learned as a child during the Great Depression and as a soldier in the Korean War to fight back in an attempt to save his family and business. In the process, he learns that winning or losing has little to do who is right and who is wrong in a court of law, and "justice" often depends on the size of one's pocketbook. An inspiring true story of strength, determination andconviction in the face of adversity and corruption.