Обложка книги Profiles in Leadership

Profiles in Leadership

ISBN: 0735202567;
Издательство: Alpha Communications

In Profiles in Leadership, noted historian and best-selling author Alan Axelrod has culled from the mountains of biographies on history?s greatest leaders to create an A-Z guide to power. Axelrod offers insight and guidance on the most important classifications of leadership-such as Conqueror, Innovator, Problem Solver, Profit Maker, Strategist, Visionary, Systems Creator, and Leverager. Along with a list of each leader?s achievements, the author provides a concise, readable narrative of the subject?s career, the leadership lessons offered by the subject, and his or her essential leadership qualities. Covering figures from William the Conqueror and Dorothea Dix to Dwight David Eisenhower and Margaret Thatcher, this outstanding reference takes the broadest possible view of leadership and crystalizes it into essential models of power and success. At once informative and practical, Profiles in Leadership is perfect for achievers in search of proven leadership...

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