Обложка книги Using Csh and Tcsh (Nutshell Handbook)

Using Csh and Tcsh (Nutshell Handbook)

ISBN: 1565921321;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates

If you use UNIX, you probably use csh to type commands even if you've never heard of it. It's the standard shell (command line) on most UNIX systems. tcsh is an enhanced version that's freely available and highly recommended. Using csh & tcsh describes from the beginning how to use these shells interactively. More important, it shows how to get your work done faster with less typing. This book shows you how to make your prompt tell you where you are (no more pwd); use what you've typed before (history); type long command lines with very few keystrokes (command and filename completion); remind yourself of filenames when in the middle of typing a command; edit a botched command instead of retyping it; as well as how to let the computer correct command spelling for you. This book does not cover programming or script writing in csh or tcsh because the tasks are better done with a different shell, such as sh (the Bourne shell) or a...