Обложка книги So Far, So Good : The First 94 Years

So Far, So Good : The First 94 Years

ISBN: 0471171867;
Издательство: Wiley

Mention the name Roy Neuberger and several awe-inspiring images come to mind. There's the stock market neophyte who arrived on Wall Street just months before the Panic of 1929—and protected his capital by shorting RCA stock. There's the savvy businessman who founded Neuberger&Berman, a lucrative brokerage firm that today manages about $50 billion. Then, there is the esteemed philanthropist and patron of the arts who has graciously donated most of his private art collection to museums and institutions around the country. Now, there is the vibrant nonagenarian who, as first-time author, shares his extraordinary life story in So Far, So Good—The First 94 Years. As inspirational as it is compelling, this stirring memoir recounts Neuberger's remarkable journey and enduring reign as one of the most prominent and fascinating figures of finance. Roy R. Neuberger was born at the turn of the century to a businessman father and a musician mother, both of whom passed on...

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