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Gwynne Lewis

The Advent of Modern Capitalism in France, 1770-1840: The Contribution of Pierre-Francois Tubeuf

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ISBN: 0198228953
Издательство: Clarendon Press
This is the story of one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs in modern French history. Drawing upon a wealth of archival and private documentation, Gwynne Lewis uncovers the history of Pierre-Francois Tubeuf and assesses his conntribution to the development of industry in France. Professor Lewis explores the relationship between seigneurial, proto-industrial, and modern forms of capitalism in the Cevennes region of south-eastern France in the eighteenth century, and demonstrates the international scope of proto-industrialization. This subtle and scholarly study seeks to unravel the complex problems associated with the impact of the French Revolution on the processes of modern French capitalism. Professor Lewis traces the responses of a wide variety of individuals, including Tubeuf and his greatest rival, the marechal de Castries. He examines the epic struggle of these two powerful men for control of the rich coal-mines of the region, and their legacy to succeeding generations.
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