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Carlo Collodi

The Adventures of Pinocchio

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Серия: Dover Children's Thrift Classics
ISBN: 0-486-28840-4, 978-0-486-28840-6
Издательство: Dover Publications, Inc.
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 96
Pinocchio was naughty from the very first day that Geppetto created him. Instead of going to school or learning a trade, the little puppet who magically came to life wanted only to eat, drink, sleep and play. Poor Pinocchio`s problems grew - as did his nose every time he told a lie, which was quite often. And even worse, he found himself in one dreadful situation after another: in prison, turned into a donkey and even stranded in the belly of an enormous shark. Enhanced by Thea Kliros` 32 original illustrations, this newly abridged version of the beloved story includes all the familiar characters: Geppetto, a childless woodcarver; a wise old cricket, a sly fox and conniving cat, a lovely fairy and a host of other figures. Filled with humor and adventure, and sealed with a heartwarming conclusion, this time-honored fable has thrilled youngsters for over 100 years. In this inexpensive edition, it will continue to enchant new readers and listeners.