Обложка книги The Last Renaissance Man: The Life of Charles Mullen

The Last Renaissance Man: The Life of Charles Mullen

ISBN: 1582442010;
Издательство: Rutledge Books

The Last Renaissance Man is a compelling biography that is also a fascinating chronicle of the twentieth century. This account of the rise to success of Charles Harold Mullen, a man of integrity driven by his passions and enthusiasms, gives us a rare glimpse into the worlds of business, politics and celebrity. Mullen began his life on the bustling streets of Brooklyn, New York. Coming of age during the Great Depression, we follow an industrious, high-spirited youth as he pursues his dreams and makes his mark upon the world. A resourceful and gregarious young man, Mullen first worked in radio and gave a voice to Archie, that quintessential teenager of comic book fame. But, while he enjoyed a modicum of success in show business, his mother's wishesprevailed, and at the age of twenty-two he began his career in business. Mullen was inspired by the American Tobacco Company's belief that any salesman could work his way up to the highest echelons of the company. His success was...