Обложка книги Web Caching (O'Reilly Internet Series)

Web Caching (O'Reilly Internet Series)

ISBN: 156592536X; 9781565925366;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates

A properly designed web cache reduces network traffic and improves access times to popular web sites--a boon to network administrators and web users alike. Web Caching hands you all the technical information you need to design, deploy, and operate a web caching service. It spells out in practical detail how to design an effective cache solution, configure both web servers and web browsers to use a cache, set up a collection of caches that can talk to each other, and monitor and fine-tune the performance of a cache. The book also covers the important political aspects of web caching, including privacy and security issues. Internet service providers, large corporations, and educational institutions--in short, any network that provides connectivityto a wide variety of users--can reap enormous benefit from running a well-tuned web caching service. Web Caching shows how to do it right.

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