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Wilber Hardee

The Life and Times of Wilber Hardee: Founder of Hardee's

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ISBN: 0595140017
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Bouncing back after losing Hardee's, Wilber Hardee would quickly regain his self-confidence and open 84 more restaurants over the next 50 years. Never looking back, his mind is never at rest. New ideas are constantly forming and from them the next Project becomes the next reality. Wilber tires easily with each new adventure and looks eagerly toward the next one. Losing his first wife, Helen would come into his life with the stability Wilber desperately needed to bring a solid footing into his life. Now in his eighties, Wilber, a born again Christian, can't be still. He's constantly working on some project or new idea. The twinkle in his eye is still as visable today as it was half a century ago. That look, that drive made Wilber Hardee one of the formost "Fast Food" Entrepreneur's of our time.