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Anura Guruge, Lisa Lindgren, Lisa Lindren

Web-to-Host Connectivity

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ISBN: 0849308356
Издательство: Auerbach Pub
E-mail, e-marketing, e-commerce, e-business, and e-communities - just a few years ago, having a presence on the Web was considered innovative. Today, a Web presence is not only innovative; it's imperative. With the advent of home banking, package tracking, order entry, order status inquiry, and other customer services, a business without a Web strategy will soon be out of business.Driven by the needs of e-commerce, Web-to-Host Connectivity demonstrates how to connect legacy systems and databases to the Web and describes the technologies needed to do it. It provides comprehensive coverage of web-to-host solutions and technologies in addition to security, server, network and system management usage. This book places an emphasis on improving data access anddata exchange, no matter where it resides.
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