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Roger S. Ahlbrandt, Richard J. Fruehan, Frank Giarratani, R. J. Fruehan

The Renaissance of American Steel: Lessons for Managers in Competitive Industries

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ISBN: 0195108280
Издательство: Oxford University Press
By the end of the 1980s, the once mighty U.S. steel industry seemed on its last legs. More than a quarter of a million jobs had been lost, and communities like Pittsburgh and Bethlehem were devastated. Yet today, the industry again stands as a world-class competitor. In The Renaissance of American Steel, Roger Ahlbrandt, Richard Fruehan, and Frank Giarratani illuminate the forces behind this remarkable comeback, drawing valuable lessons for managers not only in the steel business but in any business now battling the global marketplace. This in-depth analysis of a radically changed industry speaks volumes about the value of flexibility in business. It is an essential resource for any manager working in today's global economy.
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