Обложка книги What's New in Visual FoxPro 8.0

What's New in Visual FoxPro 8.0

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ISBN: 1930919409;
Издательство: Hentzenwerke Publishing

Acknowledging that getting a handle on the new features of a development environment is difficult, this book organizes the new features of Visual FoxPro 8.0 into functional categories and shows developers how and why to use each of them. Visual FoxPro 8.0 features improvements in many areas, including several new base classes, structured error handling, and several new tools. Each of these new features is covered in detail so developers can be productive right away. Also covered are the new classes introduced in VFP 8.0, including CursorAdapter, XMLAdapter, Collection, and Exception. New VFP 8.0 tools are discussed as well, including the Task Pane Manager, the Toolbox, and Code References. Developers will also learn about the many VFP 8.0 enhancements including structured error handling, the ability to bind and raise events of native objects, and the ability to specify the class used for certain members of container classes.

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