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Walter R. Borneman

Walter V. Berry: Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist for Children

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ISBN: 0871082918
Издательство: Pruett Publishing Company
fter business ventures went bust during the Great Depression and a fruitless quest for the fabled Anglo Saxon silver vein, Walter Berry finally got his break when he revolutionized the steel industry by designing and building oxygen lances. He was not content to retire on his laurels though and set off to build a financial legacy for the world?s children. The culmination of his and his wife?s efforts led to the establishment of the Walter V. and Idun Y. Berry Fellowship Program in Children?s Health at Stanford University. Throughout his 98 years, Berry possessed undying optimism, a contagious sense of good humor, and a respect for all people. His story and the challenges he faced and overcame through persistence and hard work area source of inspiration to all of us who dream of new frontiers.
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