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Drew Sellers

Word 2000

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ISBN: 1554190053
Издательство: Swift Publishing Inc.
This 4 page, laminated, full-color guide is a fantastic resource for anyone who uses Word 2000! In a concise user-friendly format, it provides step-by-step instructions, short cuts and tips on how to execute the basic commands of the software. The guide includes instructions on: Selecting And Entering Information, Creating a New Blank Document, Opening an Existing Document, Saving A New Document, Entering/Selecting/Editing/Finding and Replacing Text, Moving and Copying Text, Toolbars, Creating Tabs and Margins, Spelling and Grammar, Formatting Text Styles, Bullets and Numbering, Envelopes and Labels, Styles and Formatting, Graphics and Tables, Bookmarks, Footnotes and Endnotes, Creating Web Pages and Keyboard Shortcuts.