Обложка книги Elusive Rothschild: The Life of Victor, Third Baron

Elusive Rothschild: The Life of Victor, Third Baron

ISBN: 0297812297;
Издательство: George Weidenfeld & Nicholson

Book DescriptionThe accomplishments and diversity of the interests of Victor, third Baron Rothschild were remarkable. A zoologist by choice and training, he also formed the finest collection of eighteenth century English books in private hands. In the Second World War he was head of counter-sabotage in MI5, also being responsible for ensuring that presents of food, drink and cigars to Winston Churchill contained no poison or bombs. He coordinated research for Shell, was the first director of Edward Heath's creation, known as the 'Think Tank'. He chaired the family business, N. M. Rothschild and Sons, and presided over the Royal Commission on Gambling. Then came the Blunt scandal. Ultimately declared innocent by Margaret Thatcher of having spied for Soviet Russia, Rothschild escaped prosecution for having breached the Official Secrets Act only after the humiliation of interrogation by Scotland Yard's Serious Crimes Squad. Yet he was the victim of what Kenneth Rose, his biographer, sees...