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James M., Ph.D. Butler

Technology Blueprints: Technology Foundations for High Performance Companies

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ISBN: 1587623331
Издательство: Aspatore Books
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionIn the present era of the post "new economy." scores of successful companies are now tending more than ever to steer away from the old model of extreme reward by extreme-speculation. While innovation thrives today, it is focused on the fundamentals of value and high performance. Technology blueprints are concrete, proven tactical and strategic patterns, critical to directly aligning technology execution with a fundamental business vision. Within these pages, a comprehensive set of technology blueprints covers a broad spectrum of areas, from technical leadership to asset assessment and intellectual property, and from core technologies to key methodologies around risk management. Technology Blueprints stresses fundamental objectives and presents specific pathologies and "anti-patters" to demonstrate for the reader how to avoid the "swirl du jour," and insidious pitfalls that can plague even the best of companies. This book is both a narrative and a blueprint for C-Level...
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