Обложка книги The Bridges of Washington County: Spanning Work and Nature

The Bridges of Washington County: Spanning Work and Nature

ISBN: 1932301127;
Издательство: Bookman Publishing

Book DescriptionThe reader of the book will have the opportunity to pass through two centuries of American history seen through the eyes of the Scottish Presbyterian Bridges Clan. Robert Ferguson Bridges emigrated from Scotland in 1816 and settled in thesmall mountain town of Hancock, Maryland. He struggled to find his way as a farmer, and he was one of the founders of the Hancock Presbyterian Church in the tradition of his forefathers from Scotland. His son Robert Bridges formed his own destiny in the cement business through the turbulent years of the Civil War. In 1878, Robert became an important entrepreneur and founded an American industry in the mining of silica glass sand. Upon his death he was the wealthiest man in Western Maryland and the fatherof eleven children. The epic continues with Henry P. Bridges, his son, an acclaimed industrialist and conservationist. Bridges is credited with building a NYSE traded company called Pennsylvania Glass Sand Corporation, the largest...