Обложка книги The Cajun

The Cajun

ISBN: 141076317X;
Издательство: Authorhouse

Book DescriptionLaird Granger is The Cajun, born into a wealthy family in Louisiana. His parents die in an airplane crash when he is a teenager, and he goes to live with his uncle. As a lieutenant in the U.S. Marines, he is an advisor to a battalion of Vietnamese Marines commanded by Captain Lon Duc. Their battalion is tremendously successful against the Vietcong. When the Vietcong rapes and murders Laird's Vietnamese fiancee, he becomes their implacable enemy. Laird meets Jacques LeClerc, a former French paratrooper, at a martial arts academy in Saigon and they become fast friends. Jacques' sister-in-law, beautiful young Tui, becomes Laird's wife and the love of his life. The Cajun is the story of the three men and their families, and their fight against the communists in Indochina. Sent to Laos as a military advisor to the Hmong tribesmen, Laird earns their respect and affection. Their chief joins him to his family in a ceremony that, unknown to Laird, also joins him to...