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Rusty Goe

The Mint on Carson Street

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ISBN: 0974616907
Издательство: Southgate Coins & Collectibles
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionNEW BOOK ON CARSON CITY MINT AND ITS COINS SURE TO INSPIRE READERS Carson City coin specialist Rusty Goe has just released his new book,"The Mint on Carson Street". Shoppers in the author's local coin store expressed delight and wonderment when the book was unveiled on Saturday December 20, 2003. Never before has a book been written on the Carson City Mint that not only provides the history of the venerable institution, but also a study of all the coins minted there, with profiles of the many collectors who have come to adore them during the past century or more. It was the author's goal to bring the legacy of this Nevada coinage facility to life by interweaving stories of everyone and everything even closely related to it. This goal has been achieved, in living color. Whether readers are curious about the activities leading up to the establishment of the Carson City Mint, or the provocation of its closing, they will not be disappointed. Collectors...
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