Обложка книги Birth of a Salesman

Birth of a Salesman

ISBN: 1413754600;
Издательство: PublishAmerica

Book DescriptionA dose of Chinese mustard can bring tears to the eyes, and sympathy from potential customers. That's a lesson learned by a ten-year-old Joe Amedeo, the doctor of sales, in one of his earlier sales jobs, peddling newspapers on the streets (and in the bars) of Bayonne, New Jersey. Birth of a Salesman recounts Joe's earliest days, shining shoes, delivering newspapers from the running board of a moving truck, and a recipe for recreating the Hindenburg disaster using a large plastic bag, a cotton ball, and some alcohol. Selling kitchen cutlery door-to-door presented its own brand of danger, as when a young couple broke into a fight in the middle of a sales demonstration, and one of the knives ended up embedded in a wall! Along the way there were vacuum cleaner sales (including one in non-translated Polish) and the story of how a bicycle collision with a headless chicken tripled the business for a local butcher. Not to mention some very hair-raising episodes with mausoleums...