Обложка книги Conundrum : The Challenge of Execution in Middle-Market Companies

Conundrum : The Challenge of Execution in Middle-Market Companies

ISBN: 0595309852;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.

Book DescriptionJerry's perplexed. He's about to get a five million dollar order, which means a lot to his $22 million company. But he's not happy. Lately, it seems like the more the company sells, the more money it loses. CONUNDRUM: a complex problem Infrastructure is the right combination of management, planning and systems that enables top performing companies to execute what they plan. The conundrum for troubled or average companies is: "If a company can't execute because of lack of infrastructure, how does a company execute the steps it needs to take in order to develop infrastructure?" In an entertaining yet thought-provoking style, using a fictional company and its management team as examples, Larry Kendzior provides the answers that Jerry--and thousands of business owners like him--have been searching for. Many search but never find the answer to this key question: How does a company execute what it plans? ...