Обложка книги Life After Layoff: Six Proven Courses of Action

Life After Layoff: Six Proven Courses of Action


ISBN: 0878755373;
Издательство: Whitston Publishing Company

Book Description"Life After Layoff" provides you with the knowledge, tools and strategies to manage your career during these turbulent times. This book provides a road map for traveling a new career path that increases the chances for success and financial security. "Life After Layoff" is packed with proven strategies that have worked for others and can work for you or someone you know. "Drs. Van Ness and Donohue have done a fine job outlining the challenges and rewards obtainable to those in transition. Use this well-researched advice to move your life forward to success, happiness, and financial security." -- William D. Danko, Ph. D. Co-author of the best-seller, "The Millionaire Next Door"