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My Life & Work

ISBN: 1417911050;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 289

Book DescriptionThis is Henry Ford's most revealing insights into his philosophy of both business and life. Discover how Henry Ford believed in, used and commanded spiritual and philosophical principles to build his financial empire.Download DescriptionWe have only started on our development of our country - we have not as yet, with all our talk of wonderful progress, done more than scratch the surface. The progress has been wonderful enough-but when we compare what we have done with what there is to do,then our past accomplishments are as nothing. When we consider that more power is used merely in ploughing the soil than is used in all the industrial establishments of the country put together, an inkling comes of how much opportunity there is ahead. And now, with so many countries of the world in ferment and with so much unrest every where, is an excellent time to suggest something of the things that may be done in the light of what has been done. When one speaks of...